Home of the Dwarves

Lannettcrag, named for one of the greatest heroes of dwarven history, is a vast underground city. The capital of the continent-spanning dwarven nation, Lannettcrag is home not only to hundreds of thousands of dwarves, but also to large enclaves of gnomes.

Given the sheer size of Lannettcrag and its location deep beneath the Landspine, there are innumerable access points to the city. Many of these are large and obvious, and so are the guards who watch them. These entrances lead to the main avenues of the city, and those merchants on good terms with the dwarves find that moving their caravans through the city rather than the aboveground passes is very good for business.

Other entrances, however, are more covert, and many of these connect directly to sensitive areas of the city. Using their armies of trained delvers, the dwarves have connected Lannettcrag to other, smaller delves beneath the major cities of the land. Indeed, it is said that one with the knowledge of the tunnels and the goodwill of the dwarves can go from Noderon in the north to the edge of the Guardian Mountains in Merrow without seeing the sun.


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